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  4 / 10

Mediocre Craftsmanship

Looked very promising on the website and he delivers fast. In my case I would have preferred a slower deliver for a more meticulous job. Parts were well defined, other parts were pretty sloppy. You get these grandiose and formal letters from him but his craftsmanship lacks on details. And he charged $230 for a gonfalon that is listed on the website as starting at $125. I went along thinking I was getting quality work for that price, now I am left with something I need to spend more to fix. I tried to meet him half way and wrote a respectful letter as a dissatisfied customer but his response was pompous. At the end he reimbursed me $10. His work would probably be OK if you have a very simple design but there are others out there. Try them first.

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  8 / 10


Als ik de reacties hieronder lees, verbaasd me dit nogal. Ik heb een prima service gehad van dit bedrijf. Fijn dat de eerste afspraak gratis is en bij mij gaven ze duidelijk aan wat het probleem was en de kosten. Nu ging ik de gegevens weer zoeken van het bedrijf omdat ik de bewijs van betaling nog niet had ontvangen. Had ze net gesproken en ik heb ze meteen toegestuurd gekregen. De bestrijder was heel behulpzaam en de telefonistes ook, misschien ligt het aan de personen aan de andere kant van de lijn? Ik ben in iedere geval van de muizen af

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  10 / 10

Waterpik Professional Grade Toothbrush Review

Ordered a Waterpik Professional toothbrush on Sat. Oct 22. Received the Waterpik on Monday, Oct 24th. Two day " Free" shipping. Also the best Price on the Web for this Advanced Waterpik toothbrush. I highly recommend this seller !

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  4 / 10

Will not Order Again

Having to replace some of his new parts with parts from someplace else. Also, You can just about never get this guy to reply to emails.

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