What is Satisfied Shopping

We help online shoppers find the right products, brands and online stores based on their personal interests and preferences.

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What makes Satisfied Shopping different?

There are so many websites that compare prices of all kinds of products, so what makes Satisfied Shopping different?

The future

We believe that the future of online shopping is in personalized shopping. Satisfied Shopping offers our users a view of the best personalized shopping experience they can only get with us.

Personalized shopping

Users of Satisfied Shopping can like products and brands. Even more important, our users can hide products and brands they don’t like. Based on their personalization, our users will receive weekly or monthly updates about new products of their favorite brands and products including all amazing offers available.

How much does it cost?

It’s completely free to add your online store and your product feed.

But wait, why is it free?

We, the founders, have all managed several web stores. So, we know the frustration that comes with running an online store. You have to pay for every feature or tool you want to use. Everyone has the best tools, as long as you pay for them. As a store owner, you really have to hope you’re left with some profit for each sale you make.

It’s really important for our users to have a complete overview of the products they want to buy. We don’t want consumers to choose by price, we want them to choose the most satisfying web store that suits their needs.

We do have a premium model for online store owners in mind, but adding your store and your product feed is free of charge.

How can I make my store more satisfying?

We use an algorithm to determine the Satisfied Shopping score of a web store. These are mostly factors we believe will influence the buyer in a happy sale and after sale. Think of different payment methods, which logistic partners are efficient, quality stock, faster delivery time, better reviews, and lastly, as the least important factor: pricing.

Our price list on a product page is sorted by this algorithm, so the best shop will get the best position.

Collect reviews

We offer a free review system on your store detail page. Here, we collect reviews from satisfied shoppers about you and your product service, to show your potential shoppers how good you and your products are. You are welcome to send your customers to this page for collecting reviews, so you can increase your review score and increase sales. For example, you could ask your customers in your shipping/track and trace email for a review and mention your page at satisfied shopping. Our review forms are made as simple as possible, everyone can use it.

Attract even more new customers

We are working on a special coupon option for shop owners. When someone writes a review on Satisfied Shopping, they can select one free coupon from a small set of different online stores as a thank you for writing a review.

And you could be one of the coupon suppliers, by which customers of other online stores can also become your customers with the incentive they just received.