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Nostalgia in a bottle!!

by Anonymous on

Well...it's "nostalgia in a bottle" if you are an ex-Royal Australian Naval Engineering type who first went to sea when our ships burnt what was called Furnace Fuel Oil (FFO) in the main machinery Boilers. FFO was a particularly sulphurous fuel oil. A few weeks ago, an old Navy mate who now resides in Tarbert Scotland visited me in Australia and we opened a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail Single Malt Scotch Whisky. When we pulled the cork on the bottle I was assailed by the strong smoky peat aromas and was immediately taken back to the boiler-room of HMAS Queenborough and when I cleaned my first boiler "sprayer". The initial nose and then the "back of the throat" taste took me straight back to January 1969. The very "deep, smokey notes" from the "peat-laden waters" is exactly what FFO tasted/smelt like. Nostalgia!! But, of course, after the initial nose/throat effect the Whisky is very, very smooooooth. It is now my favourite Whisky....and I thank Mick for introducing it to me....... and you blokes for making it. Well done!!

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