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"Forgetting The Service"

by Terri Dyck on

ForgettigThePill should be "Forgetting Customer Service". I made an on-line purchase and in the email I received stating my order had been shipped, I noted that there was no tracking number but didn't think much of it. The shipment was coming from the states and going to Canada. Two(2) weeks later I had not received the product. I then sent an email inquiry about the shipment, if a tracking no. had been used and if not, could they track the order, no reply. A few days later I sent another inquiry, again, no reply. A few more days and I make a phone call, after 10 rings, no reply, I hang up. At this time I send another email stating that if I do not receive a email from them, I would call my credit card company to start the process of a chargeback. I have not received an email or phone call and have called my credit card company and started the process of a chargeback. From what I read, it could take a while but I'm hoping the credit card company can help. I am doubting that a shipment of goods was even sent. I do not recommend making any purchases through this company


by Anonymous on

Do NOT do business with these people. I placed an order with them and had a couple items missing, they would not answer phone calls or e-mails, until I suggested action, then I got back an immature smart-ass reply. NO merchandise, NO refund- just imagine how much money they're making taking advantage of people this way! I have filed a complaint with my ATG and the BBB.

customer DISservice

by Anonymous on

I had an item that was switched with a similar item in my shipment as well as one that was crossed off of the invoice and hand-written "OUT OF STOCK" yet not taken off of the cost. After the initial call at which time they said they'd call back the next week "after the July 4th holiday", I never heard another word. It's now 10/13/16 and I've had countless e-mails and voicemails ignored. I'm now about to put a complaint in to the Better Business Bureau. All for less than $4 total in merchandise. What a petty little company.

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