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Renaissance, Medieval, Tudor & Gothic period hats, flags & digital images based on Historic examples are made to order at Custom Heraldic Designs.

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Mediocre Craftsmanship

by Anonymous on

Looked very promising on the website and he delivers fast. In my case I would have preferred a slower deliver for a more meticulous job. Parts were well defined, other parts were pretty sloppy. You get these grandiose and formal letters from him but his craftsmanship lacks on details. And he charged $230 for a gonfalon that is listed on the website as starting at $125. I went along thinking I was getting quality work for that price, now I am left with something I need to spend more to fix. I tried to meet him half way and wrote a respectful letter as a dissatisfied customer but his response was pompous. At the end he reimbursed me $10. His work would probably be OK if you have a very simple design but there are others out there. Try them first.

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