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Russian History Addict

by Anonymous on

I have been perusing RomanoavRussia.com for years. As a GIA grad,jewelry designer and collector, Russian history buff; discovery of this site become a jewelry porn obsession. I am also lucky enough to live in a city that has the largest Faberge collection in our museum outside of Russia. So that said I feel well qualified to judge this site. A few comments, this is not for the faint of heart. However, you will see pieces on here that cover all periods of jewelry way back to 300BC. The prices for the history, quality of gems, craftsmanship are on a par with the market. If you know your stuff there are actually items on there I would label bargains. Last week I purchased a Koechli egg, one of the Tsar's favored court designers. It is properly marked, in beautiful condition and arrived the next day. Koechli has pieces next to Faberge in the Virginia Museum. Was it a bargain? No. Was it worth it? To me, yes. Currently on his site there are actually a few pieces by Faberge. The site is well done, easy to use and even if you are just looking, a history lesson and visual treat. I will definitely return.It is obvious that the owner does careful research and clear accurate representations of each piece.

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