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Slechte ervaring

by Laura on

We had a really bad experience with Skyreach. They were repeatedly entering our apartment without asking for permission, and when we specifically asked them to check with us first if we are ok with it, they continued on entering the apartment when we were not home, and without any prior notice. Fixing things in the apartment always took them days and weeks. Once we asked them to fix the shower hose, and they told us for two weeks that it is on their to-do list, only to eventually tell us that it is not their responsibility and that we need to fix it ourselves. When moving out, they asked us if we can move out two days earlier than the end of the contract, and when we said that is not possible, they kept on calling us and coming up with suggestions such as we move out before going to work and leave our belongings in their office, then come back from work in the evening and pick them up; all so that they can access the apartment earlier than the end of the contract.

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