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Our price list is sorted by Satisfied Shopping (S2) score, which is based on stock, delivery time, return policy, reviews and price. The most satisfying store is on top of the list.

It’s completely free to add your online store and your product feed.


Your logo is visible in the list and you can add a promotional text to attract more customers!

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We offer a free store review system to collect reviews from Satisfied Shoppers about your service, this is reflected in your Satisfied Shopping score.


Collect "verified" reviews, we invite your customers by mail.

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Some shoppers want quick deal, the buy now button is a direct link to your webshop (we are not a marketplace). The offer with the highest Satisfied Shopping score (S2) is on this position.


Have more chance to be positioned in the buy now button, premium shops have priority over free shops.


Coupons are listed on your store page and promoted based on personalization to users.


When someone writes a review on Satisfied Shopping, they can select one free coupon of three different online stores as a thank you.

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All features are free, premium stores have benefits

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